Academic excellence

Our International School Assessment test results, which reflect students’ proficiency in maths, reading and writing, compare very favourably with best systems throughout the country.


Staff Numbers

Our staff-to-pupil ratio is much higher than most schools, enabling all our teachers to form positive individual relationships that help to ensure every student is known and nurtured.


Class Sizes

The size of our school classes, which are much smaller than elsewhere, enable teachers to work closely with students to reinforce knowledge and ensure a good understanding.


 Easy Transition

From visiting days prior to joining, welcoming in the morning and pairing with another child using our buddy system, we will endeavour to make sure your child gets the smoothest start possible.


Exceptional care

New families recognise the quality of care we offer and how we make the extra effort to identify individual needs, supporting both emotional and educational development.


Excellent facilities

Right through their education, from pre-school to high school, we provide our pupils with some of the very best, purpose-built, learning facilities to be found anywhere in state.



We celebrate diversity! Each child is unique, with different backgrounds, talents and dreams. Regardless of where they are from, our students strive to be socially responsible, active global citizens.


Learning support

Tailored learning support is provided for any student who experiences difficulties accessing the curriculum to ensure they receive regular classroom instruction at least 80% of the time.


First-class activities

All students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of co-curricular sports and after-school activities. These are seen as an integral part of their education and development.


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