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Binance Smart Chain Girl is down 0.02% in the last 24 hours. BNB beacon chain and BNB Smart Chain make up the BNB chain. As the price of Viacoin rose due to the increased demand, the attackers sold their VIA supply to make a substantial profit. And, if you are a pro or expert trader, you can even offer your services via social trading platforms and earn profits whenever any trader copies your trade to make a profit. Their goal is to make a profit by selling those assets at a higher price in the future. ● Evaluate proposed changes to BIP341 taproot transaction digest: as described in last week’s newsletter, there has been a request for taproot signatures to make an additional commitment to the scriptPubKeys of all the UTXOs being spent in a transaction. This week’s newsletter relays a request for comments on a proposed change to the BIP341 taproot transaction digest and briefly summarizes discussion about a new and more concise protocol for atomic swaps. Anthony Towns has suggested how BIP341 might be updated for this change and Pieter Wuille has asked whether anyone has any objections.

If you have any questions or concerns about the proposed transaction digest revision, we suggest either replying to the mailing list or contacting the BIP341 authors directly. ● Two-transaction cross chain atomic swap or same-chain coinswap: Ruben Somsen posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list and created a video describing a procedure for a trustless exchange of coins using only two transactions, named Succinct Atomic Swaps (SAS). Also included are our regular sections describing changes to services and client software, new releases and release candidates, and notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software. ● LND 0.10.1-beta.rc1 is the first release candidate for the next maintenance release of LND. ● Copay enables CPFP for incoming transactions: Version 9.3.0 adds the ability for the user to speed up an incoming transaction using child-pays-for-parent. 0: partial spend avoidance is used whenever the maximum additional cost it adds to the transaction is the passed amount. 1: partial spend avoidance is completely disabled to optimize for faster fee calculations, 바이낸스 가입 – just click the next web page – which may be useful for very large wallets with many UTXOs. Additionally the keys necessary to spend the coins won’t be contained in the user’s BIP32 HD wallet, so additional backups may be required. ● What is the motivation for separating Bitcoin Core into independent node, wallet, and GUI processes?

● Breez wallet enables spontaneous payments: Version 0.9 of Breez wallet adds the ability to send spontaneous payments to Lightning nodes that support keysend. ● Lightning-based messenger application Juggernaut launches: In a blog post announcing the first release of Juggernaut, John Cantrell describes how the messaging and wallet features are built using keysend payments. ● Will there be a testnet4? You may select which will suit to you. 6), but it may result in slightly higher fees due to spending all inputs received to the same address when only a subset of those inputs might be needed. Advantages of the protocol are that it requires less block space than existing protocols, it saves on transaction fees (both by using less block space and potentially by requiring less urgency for its settlement transactions), it only requires consensus-enforced timelocks on one of the chains in a cross-chain swap, and it doesn’t depend on any new security assumptions or Bitcoin consensus changes. This will require continued work on improving exchanges, lending protocols, futures and options markets to name a few. It gives you experience as well as it also lets a few more coins in.

To illustrate how easy it is, let’s recreate the login experience using the Binance app for iPhone. 0 (the default value): fee calculations are made using both coin selection algorithms. This has led some LN implementations to use route-finding algorithms that optimize for routes with low CLTV expiry deltas, which has in turn led some users to set their deltas to values that are especially unsafe. You can use Bitcoin to buy things. Would you like to learn more about how you can use the VWAP? 3954 updates both the fundpsbt and utxopsbt RPCs so that they can each take a locktime parameter that specifies the nLockTime of the transaction to create. 785 updates the minimum CLTV expiry delta to 18 blocks. 955 updates BIP174 to standardize supplying hash preimages in PSBT input records. The standardization of these preimage fields was found to be necessary for miniscript-aware finalizers, though they can be used by any PSBT finalizer needing to satisfy hash preimage challenges (e.g. for onchain LN commitment transactions). ● Lightning Loop using multipath payments: The latest upgrade from Lightning Labs now uses multipath payments to convert onchain funds into funds within LN channels. ● LND 0.11.0-beta is now released.