Our Values



We respect ourselves and others’ rights, property, opinions and diverse ways of life.


We strive to challenge ourselves as individuals and in collaboration with others.


We celebrate our diversity and believe that each person is unique, valuable, and worthy of respect.


We care for and embrace the “African Institute Of Science And Technology.”
We recognise our responsibility to promote wellbeing and an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


We strive to be honest and truthful in our actions.
We encourage and nurture each other.


We strive to instil a sense of responsibility to our school, local, and global communities.


Our Vision

The British Academy is locally and nationally recognized for providing excellence in education and exceptional care for every child.


Our Mission

African Institute Of Science And Technology’s mission is to deliver excellence in education through a safe and caring learning environment. Our students are challenged to reach their maximum potential through academic success and personal growth, becoming learners for life and socially responsible, active global citizens.

We provide students with a comprehensive university preparatory education utilizing best practices in education from around the world. We serve our nationally diverse student body through a partnership of excellent staff, committed parents, and an involved community.


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