English as an Additional Language (EAL) is available for students requiring support with English as an academic language. The school provides limited specialist assistance for students with mild learning difficulties. All students are expected to complete British Academy’s regular curriculum; Learning Support and EAL help to accommodate that goal.

  • Do you have a cafeteria that serves hot lunches?

British Academy chefs prepare and serve an extensive array of both hot and cold foods and beverages, on offer at reasonable prices, everyday. The Café is open from 7:30am until 3:30pm. Students may bring a packed lunch from home, choose to buy a meal, or buy some items to accompany their packed lunch.

  • What are African Institute Of Science And Technology’s school hours?

The school week runs Monday-Friday, 8:15 am to 3:00 pm.

Our students are eager to reach out to new friends, and most new students feel at home in no time. After an individual orientation to African Institute Of Science And Technology, new students are welcomed by current students who serve as their ambassadors to British Academy as buddy’s.

British Academy counsellors, administrators, and PTO have established programmes to assist with transition needs of students, parents and teachers, both upon arrival and when moving

  • What are your fees?

View our fees here

  • How are parents involved at school?

Parent, student, and faculty involvement leads to the community spirit so often seen and felt at African Institute Of Science And Technology. Parents may volunteer at school and are encouraged to attend grade and school-level coffee mornings.

All African Institute Of Science And Technology parents are automatically members of African Institute Of Science And Technology’s Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO). More information about our PTO can be found under “About African Institute Of Science And Technologyy” on the school website.

  • Is there a school transportation service?

The school provides contract bus service that operates several routes exclusively for African Institute Of Science And Technology students using full-size coaches and mini-buses, depending on the route and/or demand. Please check with our Transport Coordinator to ensure the school bus covers your address. This is not a door-to-door service but a safe pick-up/drop-off location for a group of students. Families living in rural areas may be required to drive their children to the nearest African Institute Of Science And Technology  bus point.

Students living in the school’s neighbourhood often walk or bike to school (helmet, lights, and fenders are strongly recommended for bike riders). Some parents choose to drop off their children by car. Students staying after school (after 3:10pm) for sports or other activities must arrange their own transportation home.

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