Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has Advanced Toward New Era in Manufacturing October 7, 2020 – Posted in: Uncategorized


Department of Mechanical Engineering,

School of Engineering and Engineering Technology,

Federal University of Technology, Owerri


Technology is the application of Knowledge, in a business, technology includes the skills, techniques, procedures, equipment, and systems used to perform the work. As the industries strive to improve, they seek the most appropriate technology to accomplish their work. Firms can also apply knowledge to develop improved products. High technology firms try to incorporate the more advanced technology into their products in order to find new market opportunities and to reap available profits before other firms introduce competing products. The rapid spread of manufacturing capabilities world wide has created intense global competition. Advanced manufacturing technologies are dramatically changing the products and processes of modern manufacturing. There is growing evidence that changes in manufacturing and labor practices, organizational structures, and decision criteria are needed to improve the effectiveness of manufacturing operation,to provide new sources of competitiveness and to introduce new strategic opportunities including CAD/CAM, NC and CNC.


Keywords: Automation, Production Systems, CAD/CAM, Numerical Control (NC), Computer Numerical Control (CNC).